Free as in Freedom Secure by Design

By solely using technology that respects the users Freedom we can ensure a degree of security and dependability unmatched by mainstream IT solution providers

We are a leader in business and enterprise grade IT solutions. We specialize in secure networking, firewalling, communications, server and workstation deployment. Our encrypted storage and communications solutions are unmatched. We utilize only freedom respecting open-source software and rely heavily on the cryptographic tools provided by the OpenBSD Foundation due to their world class encryption implementations. With unsurpassed code quality, free of backdoors, our solutions are highly resistant to attack and immune to all Windows based malware including ransomeware such as WannaCry.

We provide full disk encryption using the most battle hardened and heavily audited encryption algorithms available to ensure an extreme degree of security is achieved. Properly implemented encryption can deter even the most well funded and savvy of adversaries. Our site to site VPN solutions are unparalleled in terms of both performance and security. Our OpenVPN implementations are linked against LibreSSL to ensure only the highest quality cryptography available is utilized.


Security and Dependability You Can Rely On

We strive to be the best in all of our endeavours and refuse to compromise our integrity. We offer IT solutions that can scale to all levels of business, enterprise and government.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure our clients IT needs are met. We offer tailor made solutions that support the needs of the project and that enable you to meet your goals.


Cost Effective and Reliable Infrastructure

We provide unbeatable up-time and the best tools available to secure your sensitive data and protect yourself from from the growing threats posed by hackers and foreign agencies.

We offer DDoS protection and Intrusion Prevention using proven, open-source technologies.


At a Glance

Below, find a brief description of some of the services we offer. For a more detailed look at what we do, click here.

Statistically Superior

With unsurpassed code quality, free of backdoors, our implementations are highly resistant to attack and immune to all Windows based malware including ransomeware such as WannaCry

Encrypted Communications

We offer unparalleled encrypted communications and connectivity solutions, including email, chat and remote employee access.

24/7/365 Support

We offer around the clock support services to ensure your critical IT infrastructure maintains maximum up-time so that employee productivity remains high.

IT Training and Education Seminars

We're happy to schedual training or education seminars/conferences for Government or Corporate departments or Universites and also for smaller groups.

Security Audits and
Compliance Testing

We are pleased to offer our Security Audits and Compliance Testing service to protect your Business or Department from the disastrous effects of lacklustre digital security.

Secure Deletion of Files
and Hard Drives

We provide true secure, sector by sector drive erasure to guarantee that all sensitive data has been properly erased.